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About Us

Welcome to Sinduwa Records, your number one source for all category of Sri lanka / commercial music, artist bookings for live shows and their social releases along with event updates. Think of a world without music, what do you see? Everything is black & white? And a sense of lost zeal engulfs your mind? Getting used to the emptiness already? That is what our existence on this blue globe will be like without the rhythmic pulses of sound. In our busy lives, we need an outlet, an escape to world of fantasies.

We think music is the key - the medium, and the goal. People always needed a rhythm in life, and the creators of rhythm, time & again, came to rescue. And every savior needed a platform to reach the masses.

The head honcho & passionate music connoisseur Mr. Amith Chamara founded “Sinduwa Records” in the year 2019 has come a long way from its beginning. He Sensed the need for such a platform and immediately called in all the forces of artists, both DJs & Producers, and collaborated together to build the necessary stage. Few like-minded people bound together, with common passion joined hands to create an exemplary and magnificent platform called “Sinduwa Records” for all the talented underground musicians irrespective of their style or genre. This platform went on to gain love, respect, popularity and support from all the sections of the music lovers and artists alike, be it Sri lanka or International, in just a matter of few months.